Click here to see more movies created by my ScholarsI have recently discovered PhotoPeach and I am in lovvvvve.  I have used it for my personal use and I have used it for class.  It is very easy to use and takes no time at all.  There are two plans: free and the premium for $3 a month.  The difference is with the paid account you can download your movie and you can add your personal choice of mp3 recording as background music.

This movie is one of the first ones that I did to introduce the world to my class.

Ms. Burton’s Class on PhotoPeach

This second one is a sample movie that I created about our city to serve as a guide for them to follow for their moving arrowClick the links below to see some of the movies from class.

Jeri’s movie, Roshon’s movie, Alex’s movie, Mildred’s movie, Westley’s movie, Kendric’s Movie, Alexander’s Movie

This last one was created as an entrance to a contest held by Intel in their search for Inspiring Teachers.  Guess who won a trip to the ISTE technology convention in Denver, Colorado this summer.  Yes, me.
My Class after Intel Training on PhotoPeach