Hurricane Season mini unit

Hurricane Season is a movie that we watched to correspond with our reading of Hurricane Song by Paul Volponi.  Now that we have read about the experiences of Miles and Pops AND we have compared their experiences to ours,  I wanted the kids to see another Hurricane Katrina story that was based locally.  Their assignment is to watch the movie and and complete a graphic organizer that compares/contrasts all of our Hurricane Katrina stories.  Their assessment is to create a “story sandwich” that illustrates the plot elements of the movie and to write a Movie Review.

  1. Here is a blog post with two background videos from “Hurricane Season”
  2. Here is some basic information about the movie
  3. Here are the review directions
  4. Here is a step by step formula to follow

Sample Review

Encouraging movie. Inspirational story.,                     28 December 2009

Based on true events amid the wreckage and chaos dealt by Hurricane Katrina; one basketball coach in Marrero, Louisiana just will not give up. Coach Al Collins (Forest Whitaker), gathers other players from hard-hit schools and builds a team actually worthy enough to go to the state playoffs. A very honest look at what can be done with the right people having the desire and fortitude to pick up and start over again. Just getting the players, that under normal circumstances would be rivals, to mesh together into a solid playing unit was no easy task. Along with stars like Isaiah Washington, Courtney B. Vance, Bonnie Hunt, Michael Gaston and Taraji P Henson is rapper Lil’ Wayne and singer Bow Wow. Many heroes have surfaced from the bowels of Katrina’s wrath…some just happened to belong on a basketball court. HURRICANE SEASON is well worth your time.