Ever used Evernote?

I am fairly new to Web 2.0 tools (a user of less than 2 years) and I have tried many things to help me get and stay organized. Evernotes is something that I have discovered and use often. For me Evernotes is an invaluable tool when I am on the phone and I need to copy something from a Twitter feed. I copy my information and then I create an Evernote and email it to myself. I can later retrieve the information that I need. I have recently come across this article 100 Different Evernote Uses « garry huang from last year by Garry Huang where he lists 10o ways to use Evernotes. He has inspired me to expand my uses.

Next schoolyear I want the students to use Evernotes to keep track of research information and other odds and ends that they need/want to collect and save. I am in the process of setting up the requirements for this Evernote Research Assignment.

Will post more when I have more.