What I have learned that I will use in 2010-11 to possibly change the future

Once again my PLN has inspired me to be better.  I saw three Tweets this morning that ‘spoke’ to me. The first is this one from @LarryFerlazzo and it read

I am in the process of planning for next year so this question came at a really good time.

The second came from @ Den about what I have learned

and the third Tweet I lost in my history, but it requested information about how we can change the future.  These 3 Tweets started me thinking about the question,

“What I have learned that I will use in 2010-11 to possibly change the future.”

Hmmm, what have I learned that can change the future?

I workshop often on a variety of topics: C.R.I.S.S. strategies, Tech use in the classroom, Kagan Structures for teambuilding/classbuilding, and  Schlechty Engagagement/Design Qualities.  My goal for the next schoolyear is to make sure that I put to use alllll that I learn for the betterment of the faculty, students and therefore the school.

I plan to have a definite Professional Development plan to assist the faculty; I will have Kagan structures pre-planned and in place for weekly teambuilding/classbuilding activities; and I want to be sure that my lessons are created using Schlechty’s design qualities so that the majority of my students are Strategically Compliant.

So here are some of the things that I have learned and will use during the 2010-11 schoolyear to change the future:

  • Professional Development:  Tech tools and tips to be taught students and faculty (Wikis, Blogs, Readers, Bookmarking, Digital Stories, etc.)
  • Professional Development: Marriage of Tech tools and C.R.I.S.S. strategies/Kagan Structures (WallWisher/Etherpad for Jot a Thought; Wikis/Etherpad for RoundTable, RallyTable, Think-Write RoundRobin; Carousel Feedback for Digital Story critiques )
  • Weekly Kagan Structures to promote classbuilding (Find Someone Who, Inside/Outside Circle, StandUp HandUp PairUp, etc.)
  • Bi-weekly Kagan Structures to promote teambuilding (Rally Coach, Fan n Pick, RoundTable Consensus, Talking Chip, etc.)
  • C.R.I.S.S. Stategies to aid in comprehension and retention from students (KWL+ chart, graphic organizers, Learning Log, Writing Templates, etc.)
  • Lessons that promote Schlechty Qualities of Choice: product focus, affiliation, affirmation of performance, novelty and variety, choice and authenticity.

With planning, each day should be filled with compelling lessons, technical training and student engagement.  I am ready.

Well, I am getting ready