My 2010

10 Years From Now, What Do You Hope Your Life Will Be Like?

Fast forward to the future

In 10 years, I will still be an educator. Not a regular classroom teacher. I will still be teaching and molding young minds but from a different platform. I will also be …?..? consulting. I would like to spread my seeds of enthusiasm for the merging of technology and education to all that I can reach.

10 years from now, I feel that the merit and importance of technology immersion will no longer be debated. I feel that we will be rewriting the current books on technology in education and correcting misperceptions as we strive to come up with the new widely accepted Best Practices to be used in all classrooms, across all diciplines. Technology will be the driving tool that allows us to give our students the possibility and freedom to be a part of truly engaging, authentic learning opportunities.

1o years from now, my students will be taking Independent Study courses that require them to complete internships and projects for real world companies that have a real need for their work. Our students will be:

Using wikis, blogs, glogs, prezis, movies, digital stories, podcasts, vodcasts, online newsletters, etc. to promote…

  1. Museum interactive displays
  2. Store displays for book stores
  3. Public Service Announcements
  4. School Training
  5. Mentoring for younger students

10 years from now, I see myself fighting for these authentic learning opportunities by working with companies, officials, school personnel, students, parents and anyone else willing to work with me to make this happen.

How cool would it be if that became the new face of public education? How empowering would it be for our students to not only have 'a voice' but to have 'a voice' that is sought out and listened to regularly?


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