Less than a week until ISTE

Am I ready? No I am not. Yes I am..?..

I have spent the last week getting together a Unit Plan for a wonderful community project that my Parish is offering to us.  Our classes can partner with a business and provide them with needed student generated podcasts, wikis and blogs.  Whoo Hoo. Yippee.  It sounds like manna from heaven.  My kids already make podcasts, wikis and blogs and to do so for a Museum or Art Gallery to use in its interactive display leaves me speechless.

No, I have not been preparing for ISTE.  I have been planning for next year.


2 comments on “Less than a week until ISTE

  1. I viewed you website and left a comment! I just signed-up for PhotoPeach! You are an inspiration!! Thank you for sharing what you have done with your students. I am an English teacher with the Chicago Public Schools. Technology is the wave of the future for our children!! I am willing to learn all that I can to improve my instructional delivery! Thanks again!!!

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