Getting ready for ISTE, how do I prepare?

How do I prepare?

Do I bring my laptop and my netbook?  Do I bring an iPod? Which electronic devices are important to bring?  Do I pack my bag with my laptop, extension cord, power strip, etc?

How do I pack the “freebies” that I am lucky enough to win/acquire? I can’t pack it in my extra bag anymore (thanks to exorbitant airline fees) so.. do I mail it? Fed Ex it? What?

What do I do/see when I am there? Do I sign up for everything?  Which meetings do I take? Which ones do I ignore?  Do I want to learn as much as possible about lots of different things or do I want to become an expert using a few tools/techniques?

What do I do when and if I meet some of my Tweeps from our Twittersphere?  What will they look like?  What will we say?  Can we communicate in more 140 characters when in person or do we talk in sound bytes?

I am still thinking it through.  More thoughts to follow.


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