Hoot Course to the rescue

We are studying The Odyssey.  I did not allot myself my usual 2-3 weeks to do and must complete it in 1 week.  Hmmmm. What do I do?

That means viiiiiiiideooooooo.  We will watch the video and read excerpts from the epic.

Resources that I will use to help us:

  • A Scavenger Hunt that requires them to find: introductory information about: Homer, epics, traditions of the time, characters, Gods/Goddesses, Iliad, etc.
  • I will use HootCourse to tweet out Spark Note links to be reviewed and blog posts to be read.
I will be stopping the movie often to make assertions about actions in the Books that we may not see in the movie.

They will then record answers to basic comprehension questions based on the movie
Animated summary
ClassTool games to help them review

We will read about the Sirens because it is not included in the movie.  Many of them have already seen it and are therefore familiar with the story (yes, it drives them crazy to know that on their off time they watched a video that I show in class and look at from the educational angles.)

Wish me luck.  Onward to Ithaca


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