Staying Informed – 21 techie tchr topics

It is necessary to remain life long learners because we are teaching in a society that is ever changing and developing technologically.  As the facilitators we should stay on top of the trends and data that is changing day-by-day; minute-by-minute; second-by- second.  Whatever data collection method works for you, use it.  We can only teach and talk about things that we know about and we can only know if we read and discuss current topics.

News updates regarding technology use in the classroom are essential.

There are a variety of online news sources.  eSchool News is a perfect example. 

Sample Topics:

Twitter is my new best friend.  It allows for constant updates about technological tips or educational resources.  Twitter is fairly easy to follow once you get the hang of it.  Here is a wikipage that I did about it.  Click picture to see my Twitter timeline.

News Feeds/Readers: Pageflakes, Netvibes or Google Reader (Here is a link for my 4th period’s blogs) are all useful in having blogpost updates collected in a manageable group.


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