Assessment & Evaluation tools – 21 techie tchr topics

There are tons of resources to help you develop and use rubrics, checklists, online testing, etc.  Well, personally I use (when I have 100 percent of students with computers)

Discovery Education

They have a wonderful system that allows you to provide the students with a link to an online test that can be completed and will be graded.  You can opt for a report to be sent to your email address or you can check your test results by logging into your discovery education site.

Google Documents

Google Documents can be used to create tests that can later be printed out or checked from screen after sorting.  Google Documents allows you to create a surveys and checklists to be used by the students.  Because of the collaboration possibilities, the students can create assessments for the entire class. Sample vocabulary quiz Character Analysis

Holt Rhineheart Winston

Their online My.HRW site allows teachers to create writing assignments and online tests for students to complete.  A great resource for teachers and students.  They also have great resources on their Rubrics This site has lots of other resources to check out


Monitor student research and writing, evaluate student performance, and create bilingual online lessons, classroom calendars, and quizzes.


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