Funny Exam Responses

I came across this blog when I was looking for ?? who knows and it keeps making me laugh.  The funniest exam answers « garry huang.   It deals with those responses that we get that are funny and make us laugh.  Not the standard I don’t know which has become I.D.K.  More like

State the theme of Romeo and Juliet, and explain how the play’s message might be applied to today’s society.  Make at least two references to details in the play to support your ideas.

I really didn’t read the story and I wasn’t listening when you explained it so I probably should get an F on this quiz. But because your constructed response are always worth more and this is an answer to a constructed response question, I am hoping that I will get some credit for this answer and maybe those points will make the difference and I will get a D and not a F. :}

Now this one listed in his blog I would not discredit as totally foolish because Romeo does continuously demonstrate the ignorance and selfishness of youth

some of the others are funny

How you can not laugh at close by in response to very close? C’mon

Anyway check it out.
I am still laughing


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