Thanks for the recognition

I have found links to my wikis and blogs on a variety of different sites. I have installed a FeedJit widget on my blogpages and it allows me to see how people get to my sites. It reports the URLs for the sites that fed into my site so that I can keep track of the visitors coming and going. It is humbling to see that many have used my sites as examples of good work. WOW. I want to say “thanks” to all who have seen something of value in the chaos that comes my from mind and spills onto my blogs and my wikis.

All of my work is a work in progress. I blog, wiki, glog, or create movie presentations and then see something that needs tweaking so I re-blog, re-wiki, re-glog or re-create movie presentations. That is the wonder and greatness of the internet and technology. Everything is fluid and constantly changing. If you do something and then realize that it could be done better, technology allows you the ability to change what doesn’t work. Whew….

Here are a few people that I want to thank for putting their faith in me and the work that I do:

1. gave me props by saying:
Valerie Burton at Jefferson High School in Louisiana designed a wiki for English I students and their parents. She posts assignments, class procedures, student work and resources.

2. The Edublogger mentioned my class’s blog’s title: Blog, Blog Blog Blog, Blog Some More and the URL address

3. Livebinders has one of my binders listed on their 9th grade wikipage they have another binder listed on their English wikipage.


One comment on “Thanks for the recognition

  1. The work you do is fantastic so always happy to support it. I still say “Blog, Blog Blog Blog, Blog Some More” remains my all time favorite blog title. But besides the blog title you are doing so many excellent things on that blog.

    I’m looking forward to watching your journey with your next students.

    Have an excellent Summer holidays!

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